Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Adepticon Army/Display

Well, here is the reason I haven't posted anything for a bit. Mike and I are heading in less than 24 here goes;

The camera doesn't capture it but all of the fire effects are flickering LEDs, so they look like real fire. I also have a soundtrack that plays in the background (DOW Marine music). The fire burning behind the stained glass in the actually individual wreck markers I can remove when my vehicles blow up (Turned off, they simulate me popping smoke, turned on...well the rhino is dead!);

The display itself is a picture frame with MDF mounted via velcro. So after Adepticon I can pop this display out and put it on my cityfight board...then next year make another display and 'pop' that new one in. I might post an article on that for those whom want to make their own displays. Anyways, looking forward to Adepticon this year...I'll be adding my nick (AgeOfEgos) to my be sure to say hi!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ready for Adepticon..(?)

Just a few short days left before Adepticon and I like many others I'm sure, are scrambling to finish up armies and displays and very unlike Age, who has been ready for at least a couple of weeks now. The finish is in sight though and I will hopefully have everything done.

About my army...I went back to the earlier pledge and am leaving the lash at home and am going with a Nurgle/deathguard theme with one exception. Once we get back, we will be sure to show off some pics and give a full rundown of the weekend.

Until then, may the dice gods smile upon you.