Monday, May 25, 2009

My take on List Building with CSM

A conversation I had recently about the Chaos Codex got me thinking about this topic. The conversation was more about how much the Codex sucks with me playing devil’s advocate. This person was lamenting the loss of customization that the last Codex provided. I agreed with this, but replied that we have some of the best troop choices in the game with Cult Troops and some really great heavy support choices.

Under 5th, troops are center stage since they are the only choice when it comes to holding objectives. Right next to them is anything anti-tank and next to them is anything anti-horde. These are what I usually try to have an answer for when designing a list. Anything in the codex that can serve double duty usually makes the cut.

So after preening the Codex, my lists are chosen from:

•Daemon Princes

I enjoy the versatility of Princes. Equip them with wings and throw on a mark. For what you get, they are really cheap. As for Abaddon, I haven’t used him yet, but it would be fun (more so for me than my opponent) to let this beat stick off of the bench occasionally. The only downside is the model is terrible and is the only reason I haven’t used him yet.

•Noise Marines
•Plague Marines

Fearless, Furious Assault, Sonic Weapons/Blastmaster, and Feel no Pain. I found fearless to be a huge advantage in 5th, especially when combined with CSM. Many times I have had a squad, reduced to a couple of models, still running around and causing havoc and holding objectives.

There are only a few units in the game better than Berzerkers at close combat, two of which are Gene Stealers and maybe Harlequins. Throw in tank-busting and the Gene Stealers can’t compete. Berzerkers are my shock troops and are expected to die. I want them to cross the table cut a hole in the enemy, then die as my opponent is forced to deal with them. Hopefully my other units are in position by then. If facing a horde, Berzerkers are my counter assault unit.

Noise Marines are a staple in my list, usually one squad, equipped with Blastmaster and some Sonic Weapons. This unit’s primary use is to squat an objective in my deployment zone and then shoot. The Blastmaster is one of my favorite weapons, but it is unpredictable. Sonic Weapons are there for hordes and outflankers.

Plague Marines are another staple. With Feel No Pain, Blight Grenades, and the ability to take Melta Guns or Flamers, what’s not to like? OK, their Initiative and price but definitely worth it. This unit is great at holding objectives and tying up units. Mine usually clean up after the Berzerkers.

•Land Raider

Obliterators are one of the best heavy support choices in the game. They get and deserve a lot of attention. I run six.

I haven’t used a Defiler yet but will do so as soon as I get one. Defilers seem to meet my “double duty” requirement, plus I like the model.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the virtues of Vindicators and Land Raiders. Both are solid choices.

This look at list building and the CSM Codex was taken from a competitive viewpoint. I like the elite nature of my lists. They require me to be more tactical in my thinking. With the low model count, nothing is expendable as each unit needs to have an impact.

Note: Although I try to make competitive lists, my goal is not to crush my opponent, but to have a good game. Fun above all.

Well, there you have it, one man’s opinion.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Added Photo Album

Just a quick post to say that I've added a album to show some of my work. It will also serve as a baseline for where I am at the moment, skill wise.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Local Tournament

Yesterday, I participated in a small tournament. My army performed OK with 2 wins and one loss. Had the last game gone differently, I would have won instead of ending up 2ND. Had a great time anyway.

My list:

1750 Pts - Mixed CSM

HQ: Daemon Prince (1#, 155 Pts)
1 Daemon Prince
Wings; Lash of Submission; Mark of Slaanesh

HQ: Daemon Prince (1#, 200 Pts)
1 Daemon Prince
Wings; Bolt of Change; Mark of Tzeentch; Warptime

Troops: Khorne Berzerkers (9#, 243 Pts)
7 Khorne Berzerkers
1 Skull Champion
Power Fist
1 Rhino

Troops: Plague Marines (9#, 274 Pts)
7 Plague Marines
Flamer (x1); Meltagun (x1)
1 Plague Champion
Power Fist
1 Rhino

Troops: Plague Marines (9#, 274 Pts)
7 Plague Marines
Flamer (x1); Meltagun (x1)
1 Plague Champion
Power Fist
1 Rhino

Troops: Noise Marines (5#, 150 Pts)
5 Noise Marines
Blastmaster; Bolter (x2); Sonic Blaster (x2)

Heavy Support: Obliterators (2#, 150 Pts)
2 Obliterators

Heavy Support: Obliterators (2#, 150 Pts)
2 Obliterators

Heavy Support: Obliterators (2#, 150 Pts)
2 Obliterators

Total Roster Cost: 1746

It seems this army has trouble playing against horde armies, particularly, Tyranids. Against other elite or MEQ armies, I usually do well enough. In the last two tournaments, I have faced off against the Bugs three times (that's half of my games). My record against them is two draws with one loss. My problem is that I can not kill the big bugs fast enough with the Obits and still manage the large squads bearing down on me. So with that in mind I plan on making room for a Vindicator.

Will see how that goes. Now I have to get back to working on that Vindicator....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Current Projects

Since Adepticon, I have been working on my sculpting. Nothing to show yet as most of what I am doing is practice which consists of playing around with green stuff to see how to achieve different results. Basically, it's just trial and error.

Also, I'm changing out my Rhino doors with Forge World ones. They are a pain to fit up but look oh so much better. It is sad though, ripping apart painted models.

Last is my Vindicator. The plan is to show Demonic Possession using green stuff. I am trying to model faces pushing out of the armor. Unfortunately, my sculpting skills are not up to the task yet. Practice, practice...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here are some pictures of our display for Adepticon.


Learned quite a bit by making this display, unfortunately it was by making a lot of mistakes. Somethings we wanted to do had to be cut because of time or money.

We will go back in 2011 and participate in the Team Tournament again. Making a display like this takes time and money (a lot of money!), so we have decided to do individual tournaments next year and another team tournament the following.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Changing Focus......

.....To not having a focus. Since my last post I have shelved the Dwarfs. To me, they just were not much fun to play. It felt like I was missing half of the game. That led to me not wanting to paint them. So, I continued to work on my CSM and started to collect some Warriors of Chaos.

During my year of neglecting this site I also bought a house and managed to set up a studio with a game table in my basement.

Attended Adepticon for the first time and really enjoyed it. I was a part of Team Opposing Force (Guess who thought of the name?)and we managed to walk away with Best Heretical Army. The highlight of the weekend was attending a class by Joe Orteza. I was blown away by his work and it has inspired me to work on improving my skills. This also renewed my interest in this site as way to chart my progress.

I make no promises, this will go were it will.