Monday, September 27, 2010

1850 Blood Angels....playing around

So, after playing all jump angels a few times, I've came to the conclusion that all reserve DOA style won't work...or at least it won't work well. When the enemy knows they have the first turn free to move/pop smoke/whatever...well it's easier for them to prepare. So I've been playing around with a Dante list...

Honor Guard w/ Packs
Flamer x 4
Melta x 4

Sang Priest----x 3
One in power armor
Two with Jump Packs and power weapons

Sang Guard x 5
Power Fist
Infernus pistol x 1

Sang Guard x 5
Power Fist

Assault Squad x 10
2 Meltas
Powerfist Sarg

Assault Squad x 10
2 Meltas

Devs x 6
4 ML

Devs x 6
4 ML

4 scoring units
8 ML shots
10 Melta/Infernus Pistol shots
A great deal of HTH death

So, setup the Devs in cover with a Priest bubble for both....or if I setup/go 2nd I can spread them to different corners for overlapping fire and put the priest in the group across from the most firepower. Other Priest goes with a Sang Guard unit, other with the PF Assault Squad. Dante drops with no scatter within the Honor Guard Squad...which gives me 5 melta shots where ever I want (Or 4 flamers and a melta).

If they want to do the 'move 12 and pop smoke' 2nd turn that's fine, as they'll take 8 ML shots the first turn anyways. They choose to try to get my FNP in cover Devs off the board 1st turn, that's fine too as next turn I'll be dropping several melta shots.

Think I'll give it a go this weekend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grytz has opened a store! Check it out...

I've used Grytz for commission pieces several times over the past couple/three years (Man time flies?). He's always been punctual, honest and turned out awesome when he gave me an email stating he was opening his own store...well I had to share it on here. The guy is a class act and will churn out some awesome stuff. Man it's a good time to be a 40k gamer with all the indie shops opening. I really hope to see him succeed as not only is he talented but he's honest...which believe me from failed rare combination to find in the online conversion world....

I won't go into details about his plans for this coming Christmas...but safe to say if you're a 40k fan/'re going to be happy. You can check out his stuff on CMON under GrytzMinis.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Xenos you say? Heresy!

So I'm finally going to start a non-power armor army (Well, I have Daemons but Daemons are Daemons). Eldar have always intimidated me as a painter...and the only way to get better is to challenge yourself right? So the Space Elves it is...or at least my version. First rule is----no vehicles! I've played Mechdar enough to hate it and be bored with I'm not going to return the favor :). So Footdar it is, certainly not original but I like the idea of it. Basically going to do Iyanden with some Harlies thrown in (Because I like the models and that's all that matters!). Here are my first goes;

Obviously bases aren't done....but I'm planning on using DragonForge designs "Lost Empires" as they befit Eldar. Slow project for sure but here is my plan;

FW Avatar
Farseer with Seer Council on bikes from Chapter House


Three units of Guardians x 10 with Lances/Spirit Seers


....and no fething grav tanks! Hope it works!