Friday, May 8, 2009

Changing Focus......

.....To not having a focus. Since my last post I have shelved the Dwarfs. To me, they just were not much fun to play. It felt like I was missing half of the game. That led to me not wanting to paint them. So, I continued to work on my CSM and started to collect some Warriors of Chaos.

During my year of neglecting this site I also bought a house and managed to set up a studio with a game table in my basement.

Attended Adepticon for the first time and really enjoyed it. I was a part of Team Opposing Force (Guess who thought of the name?)and we managed to walk away with Best Heretical Army. The highlight of the weekend was attending a class by Joe Orteza. I was blown away by his work and it has inspired me to work on improving my skills. This also renewed my interest in this site as way to chart my progress.

I make no promises, this will go were it will.

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