Saturday, September 19, 2009

Space Wolves! (Or in my case, Celestial Lions)

Well, I played a game versus Ash this weekend with the new Space Wolves Codex rules (As in the title, I ran my Celestial Lions). We played 2k/each with his standard Chaos Force versus my first list with the pups and it's really a shame we didn't photograph/report it. Very close game with alot of models getting removed, one of those games that reminds you why you play. Anyways, I thought I would share my thoughts on the new dex with a mini-review.

First, fluff/theme/fun factor. This is a great codex for all of the before mentioned. I can see many different builds coming out of the dex with some terrific modeling opportunity all around. Beast armies, pod armies, mech armies, custom Wolf Lords,'s all in there. Truly a variety of options.

As to the units, until I play more with the dex I'll simply write about what I tried and my experience with those specific units. No theory hammer, this is my reactions to how they performed. Also, I played pod keep in mind the weakness of pod vs. mech. My list(s)


Wolf Guard w/ 5 Combi-Meltas + 4 dual wolf claws
Lone Wolf
Vanilla Dread w/ Asscannon

GH x 10 w/ flamer/melta, one Mark of Wulfen
GH x 10 w/ flamer/melta, one Mark of Wulfen
GH x 8 w/ melta, one Powerfist

2 Speeders w/ MM/Heavy Flamer
2 Speeders w/ MM/Heavy Flamer

6 Long Fangs w/ Heavy Bolter x 3, MM x 2

All in pods

My thoughts;

StormCaller Special; A bucket of points (270!)...and I lost him. First, I lost a wound to Perils (When you sling two powers each turn, it's bound to happen) and second was to close combat (This was partly my fault in being two aggressive). Still, the guy only has 2 wounds while I think he'll be pretty standard in most Wolf lists...I'm not in complete awe yet. If you do take him, make him a beacon for his passive power...and not much else. Two wounds isn't much to protect a 270 pt investment. Again however, I think he'll be in most 2k+ lists.

Logan; I'm actually quite pleased with Logan. Although he too costs a bucket of points, he gives so much to the army there is strong argument for taking him. Wolf Guard as troops, fairly tough (only 3 wounds though!)...but he performed well in my game. He also grants a vet skill to the unit he's with, so I'm musing about Long Fangs with relentless. Still, only he's not the force multiplier Vulkan is. You can actually make a meaner beatstick from a Vanilla Wolf Lord too....

WolfGuard: Rock solid. 18 pt 2 attacks with 5 pt combis? Yeah, I'll take 10. I ran a melta combi unit with 4 wolf claws buried...and they were my MVPs. Took a unit of Plague Marines + a unit of Zerks and were only finished by a Tzeentch Prince. They'll be a permanent place in my force. However, they can eat points quickly....Thunder/Shield terms are out unless that's all you want to play with. Maybe a couple in the unit...but still a major point sink. Definitely worth musing over and taking.

Lone Wolf: AWESOME! This guy cleaned up in both games I took him. Charge from a unit of Zerks? Still there. Charge from Plague marines? Still there. Next game vs. Tau...unit of crisis unloading on him? Still there. He is an absolute rock and I'll be taking two for my other elites. Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield= 2+ save, 3+ inv, 4+ FNP w/ two wounds, rerolls against MC. All for much less than a Dread. Plus the modeling opportunity.....

Grey Hunters: They were hyped and I think that while they won't live up to the hype...they are solid. Still can't hang with elites/cult troops but they don't simply fold like vanilla marines. After playing them, I think there is no middle ground on these guys. Either go big with Mark of Wulfen, Power-Fist + 2 specials or go small with 5 and a melta. Regardless, they performed solid (much more so than vanilla marines). Counter-Attack isn't a given with Ld 8 but went off reliably enough to plan around....

Land Speeders: Just like vanilla speeders, MM/Heavy Flamer. They still rock.

Long Fangs: Tried them twice and was underwhelmed each time. No wounds to soak up shots, so the first time you allocate you are either risking heavies or your split fire sarg. Keep in mind, I played a pod this may not be completely fair to the Fangs. Given that, this doesn't reduce the wound issue. The 85 point Predator still looks good to me...

Quick summary thoughts; They play like I envision marines should. Pod in, throw some specials around, stand up in hand to hand. This is a much more exciting list/codex than Vulkan/sit in a rhino and melta I'm pretty hyped. As I stated earlier, this is a quick after a couple more weekends of playing them I'll throw up a more worthy review. Till then.



Boss Salvage said...

Cheers for the reportage, nice to hear how the pups are actually shaping up in game. I'll admit that I dismissed the Wolves as the next level in power creep trash (maybe they are!), but after seeing the codex in person today I'm pretty pleased with how GeeDub has built fluff into the army - completely unlike what happened with C:CSM, where fluff was built out ...

The lone wolf unit is easily my favorite, that little dude has so much potential for modeling and heroic in game antics it's absolutely delicious. I was also surprised to see how cheap long fangs are compared to their old price, but you've hit the old problem on the head, as they still have no meatshields. And aren't devs / havoks pretty out of favor any more anyway?

- Salvage

AgeOfEgos said...

Hey Boss,

Well, you can mitigate the lack of wounds on Fangs by trying;

4 Las/Plasma/Whatever
1 Sarg
1 Hvy Bolter

The Hvy bolter is your first 'wound' as it is only 5 pts over the cost of the Fang...then Sarg can go. I have a couple of ideas on rotating my Wolves around Logan and plan on trying them this weekend. Maybe we'll do a battle report on it if he's game....I also have an idea for Wolf guard..more after this weekend!