Monday, October 19, 2009

My Celestial Lions Relic Bike Squad *Counts as Thunderwolf Cav*

Well, I've seen several posts concerning the new SW Thunderwolf Cav and considering I'm building my Lions around that dex.....and Thunderwolf Cav are so good, time to use something as a counts as. First, I can't get behind Astartes riding animals. I'm not knocking anyone that does it, I simply can't get on board. I even toyed around with the idea of doing Lion riding Astartes for my Celestial Lions....but I knew the He-Man jokes would be incoming! So, I decided I would use Relic Bikes as my counts as (Graciously converted by AshAxe). Initially, these were going to be used for another purpose and still will be...but that project is quite a bit out and I had to use the designs! So, here is my explanation;

Celestial Lion Relic Pride

The Celestial Lion Relic Pride rides extremely rare and sought after jet-bikes from the Heresy era. They are only called up in the most dire of circumstances by the Lion Chapter Master and one of these instances was during the Chaos Siege of the Lions Fortress Hive City. During this long campaign the Relic Pride was extremely battered and many of the rare bikes were damaged and lost but many believe it was their stalking counter-attacks that saved the city. Wave after wave of Chaos were turned back by their sudden swooping attacks and their deeds are still told to aspiring Astartes to this day.

The Bikes are rather unique in their operation and require a great deal of training to operate. The riders of these rare bikes have so honed their skills, the bike is basically an extension of their body thus they receive 4 base attacks. They are armed with a Lion Claw, which normally ignores armor saves but due to the awkward nature of operating the bike while attacking, only confers rending to the rider. Unlike conventional bikes, the Relic bikes require some time to attain speed but are devastating once they attain momentum and rather hardy to damage. Thus, the Relic bikes only move 6 inches in the movement phase but may fleet an additional 6 inches. In addition, the Relic bikes get a full 12 inch assault!

Fluff aside, the Lion Relic Pride follows all of the rules of Thunder-Wolf Cavalry.

So, instead of finding wolves or other animals to ride...I think it would be fun to think of technological counts as for Thunder-Wolf Cavalry as well. Considering how good this unit will be on the table-top, I'm sure we'll see some pretty unique counts-as coming from the net soon.



Pete W said...

Fantastic models and I think these should have no problem in the counts-as sense.

It's clear what they are at the start of the game, there is nothing they can be mistaken for in the marine codex really and they look really good.

Thumbs up from me.


Chumbalaya said...

I think it's an awesome idea. I was going to try something similar but I couldn't find a suitable jetbike to use, but I like your jetbikes a lot.

RobS said...

What did he use as a base for the bikes?

Col. Dracus said...

Wow, I just found this post as I was poking around looking for some fellow Celestial Lions players. I really like what you have done here as I have thought about using the High Elf lions as T-Wolf cav also. I recently started a Blog about my Celestial Lions, if you are interested please check it out.