Friday, January 28, 2011

Some musings on the Space Marine FAQ

Well, the Space Marine FAQ came out and I've decided I'm doing a pre-heresy Smurf force----led by Guilliman (Counts as Calgar). I had thought about it for some time for other reasons....but two things led me to it. One, I ended up buying an Ultramarine Thunderhawk for relatively cheap---and two, the FAQ! So what changed....

Calgar's God of War no longer triggers No Retreat! wounds.
When Space Marines rally, they get a 3" consolidation (and don't count as moving during shooting). Or you can go ahead and move 6" more for a 9" move.

So what funny stuff can we do now?

Well, first---you can't ever seriously shoot a unit of mine you plan to assault. I'll simply auto-fail, run away----then auto-rally next turn----move 9"----then rapid fire or assault you. 100% reliable with Calgar.

Second, if you choose to shoot one of my units that's in cover because it's out of assault range---I can go to ground for a better save----then auto-fail-----then auto-rally at the start of my next turn. Yeah really.

Third, you better be careful when you multi-assault me. I'll auto-pass with the unit that has one model left and auto-fail with my big unit I want. So you sit in HTH with a one model unit while I dance away----then maybe after I auto-pass at the start of my turn and move 9" I'll go ahead and charge back in with bonus attacks.

So combat tactics----well is combat tactics now! Plus, let's face it....Calgar beats face in HTH as well. So he force multiplies (a great deal now) and can stick it in HTH. I'm going with him. I've also decided I'm going to make this my mech-marine army. I have other this is the natural gap filler. So something like;


6 TH/SS Terms in an EA LR

Full Tac Squad with Flamer/ML in a rhino
Full Tac Squad with Flamer/ML in a rhino
Full Tac Squad with Flamer/ML in a rhino

Predator with Hvy Bolter sponsons/Auto Cannon
Predator with Hvy Bolter sponsons/Auto Cannon
Predator with Hvy Bolter sponsons/Auto Cannon

That's 1850 and it's mobile, hits hard and has plenty of Dakka. Thoughts?


Danielq said...


Thank you for this interesting article. I was looking for ways to use Marneus Calgar and I stumbled across your blog.

I am quite a newbie to the gaming aspect of 40K (collecting and painting for >10 years though). I don't quite follow the 2nd scenario you have described, and i hope you can take time out to explain it a bit. Why do the Marines have to take a Morale Test (so that they auto-fail) after going to ground?

Thank you for your time.

Best rgds,

Anonymous said...

I like it besides the lack of Anti AV14. A mec guard list would hurt a LOT. Against nids/orcs looks like you'd do decent against speedfreaks, but horde would hurt. Landraider head lists will just sick back and destroy your Dreads which would really end your chances. Even SS/TH terms Won't last without their transport.