Friday, November 20, 2009

So how to arm my Grey Hunter Squads....musings on the new Space Wolf Codex

Well, as you can see from the below posts I'm slowly constructing a list for my Scars based on the new Wolf dex. While I think I've got a nice Cav list down, I'm still debating on my Grey Hunter squads. Basically, I want to add a Power Fist to my squad (As Ash has finally convinced me that you need a PF) but I'm not thrilled with a one attack Power Fist. With most things needing 4's to hit with your Power Fist, one attack just doesn't cut it.

So, for those unfamiliar with Space Wolves, the new dex allows you to attach a Wolf Guard leader (Elite choice) to each Grey Hunter squad if you wish, which has benefits as I'll list below....and downsides. If a Grey Hunter squad numbers 10 then you get a free second special....but if you attach a Grey Hunter to a squad of 10 you obviously can't jump in a rhino! So there's the rub if you want to mech up----2nd free special or Wolf Guard Leader? Same basic math first;

Grey Hunter:
Base cost 15 points
Power Fist 25 points
Total 40 points for a Grey Hunter with a Power Fist

Wolf Guard:
Base cost 18 points
Power Fist 20 points
Total 38 points for a Wolf Guard with a Power Fist

So you can see, that due to their cheaper Power Fist the Wolf Guard are actually cheaper than a nilla Grey Hunter. What how do the other benefits/drawbacks play out for Wolf Guard?

9 Leadership compared to the GH 8. This allows counter-attack to go off more routinely and obviously helps with pinning/rally tests.
2 Attacks instead of 1. This means if someone charges you they'll be getting 3 Power Fists to their face.
2 points cheaper

Giving up 2nd special weapon from the GH squad.

Now, considering the proliferation of mech armies that 2nd melta is pretty required in certain situations. So, I'm considering a compromise...taking a Wolf Guard with Power Fist and combi-melta. This only allows a one time shot with the 2nd melta which means I'll need to be conservative with when I use it. This also raises his cost slightly (43 points now compared to the GH 40) but I think his other benefits are worth those three points. Counter-Attack is pretty reliable at Ld 8 but it's really solid at Ld 9 (84ish% of the time will go off). There seems to be more and more pinning too in 5th, likely due to the multiple I grab what Ld I can. I also get 2 PF attacks base instead of 1, which on average equates to at least 1 hit.

So, in summary I'm going to run the Wolf Guard Leader in each squad with PF/Combi-Melta for now. Another option I muse over is saying to hell with a one shot combi....and taking two Fists! This would give me 4 PF attacks if I charge or get charged...and 3 base! In my normal Celestial Lion foot army, I do this with Terminator Wolf Guard leaders (They are actually cheaper than a dual PF power armor Wolf Guard, go figure). This army is Scars though, so born in the saddle, everyone gets a ride, no go there. Thoughts?


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