Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sidetrack: Warmachine

As if we didn't have a million projects going already, Age has talked me in to giving this game a try. To be perfectly honest, for some reason I had low expectations about this game. After reading the MkII rules and actually trying the game out, my opinion has changed. Warmachine has a genuine strategic depth and I would have to say that the game is more chess-like than other miniature games on the market, but more fun.

Ok, so now I’m in, but which army? Two in our small group already have Warmachine armies, one Cryx and the other, Cygnar. I wanted to field something different so that narrowed the choice between Protectorate of Menoth and Khador, well there is Hordes but I like the looks of Warjacks. Using the Privateer Press online galleries, I found that I liked the looks and color scheme of the Protectorate. That decided I placed a couple of orders and bought some stuff off of eBay. Merry Christmas to me!

So now I have these models:

Grand Scrutator Severius
Avatar of Menoth
Blessing of Vengeance
Exemplar Bastions
Daughters of the Flame
Choir of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth x2
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

All are assembled and based except for the Bastions (process of), Choir and Severius. The Bastions should be based soon, but I need a five more bases to complete the rest. Then I will be ready to prime if the weather cooperates. At that point I will begin posting pictures to chart my progress.

More to come,

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John Lambshead said...

I am tempted by Warmachine but am trying to learn malifaux at the moment. One piece of insanity at a time.