Friday, April 2, 2010

AgeOfEgos Adepticon Wrap up

Well, I'm back home and my sleep schedule has finally returned to normal. Adepticon was a blast (again) and I had some great games. I'm particularly proud to say my Wood Elves won best Appearance in Warhammer Fantasy Warbands;

On the 40k side, my army scored 3rdish (I say 3rd as another player scored a 43 as well) in appearance and 2nd in Players Choice (Yellow Side, as there were two sides this year in the 40k competition). Vince from Black Library also snapped some photos of it and put it up on the Black Library site, so that was pretty cool. Mike's (AshAxe) bike conversions he did for me got many a compliment, as well as the LED fire/display board so I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Many thanks to Mike for the bikes! Mike did very well in the Blue too, especially considering the competition...but I'll let him talk about his army.

As far as actual playing goes, I won my first 40k game against a SW player who was one of the coolest guys I've ever played at a tournament. Went by the name Charlie....laid back, witty and had a great looking army. I only won by a KP and really could have went either way. Khan and group performed well in this game.

Second game I got owned by another Scars player. The guy knew his game and man handled me with all bikes. I made some incredibly stupid decisions and kind of rushed to setup without thinking much (Like taking 1st turn in yeah?). This takes nothing away from his win though, as he played perfect with no mistakes to capitalize on. Great guy to play against too with a great sense of humor....but a loss nonetheless.

Third game I played a Necron army fielded by a great player who knew the Scars player who had just curb stomped me (This didn't sound very good!). However, fate smiled on me and my first las cannon shot against the toughest tank in the game....immobilization! This left no room for Deceiver to hide so was great luck. He also had a Destroyer group fail two Ld. 10 tests to run off the board, so really I should have lost this game. Still, I got some very lucky rolls and managed to grab the primary. As a funny sidenote, at one point in the game he agreed to not run Deceiver out of combat if I charged with my Emperor (Lysander) and Custodes (TH Terms). Last game out of Adepticion, why the hell not? So I charge him and he gets ready to make his saves after ripping a few terms....and this golden dice appears. I kid you not, we move a piece of paper and there is a pure golden dice on the board. Doesn't match my dice, doesn't match just appeared as though Zeus was granting Jason his golden shield. So he has to roll it...and makes every farking save. Hah, good times. Game ended with Emperor failing his stubborn and running back to the Golden Throne...because of the Golden dice. If you read this Necron guy, thanks for the great game/memory.

All in all? I had a blast and will be going back next year. Hopefully Mike will share his experiences!

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