Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just to keep it fresh....a couple of pictures

I saw an interesting debate on a forum discussing true line of sight vs. category heights. One of the major changes of 5th was true LOS and it was received rather poorly overall judging from various forums. I actually enjoy true LOS as it encourages you to get eye level and helps you 'sink' into the game a bit. So on that theme, I had a few pics I hadn't uploaded yet of my Celestial Lions chapter/board;


Papa JJ said...

Awesome pictures! I wasn't a big fan of the changes to LOS when 5th edition first came out but I certainly appreciate the views.

enrgie said...

I agree. I thought it was a horrid idea - still is to a certain degree but it encourages people to start doing up better terrain! Truly cinematic!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics, dude. We don't see many Celestial Lions armies.