Sunday, September 5, 2010

Xenos you say? Heresy!

So I'm finally going to start a non-power armor army (Well, I have Daemons but Daemons are Daemons). Eldar have always intimidated me as a painter...and the only way to get better is to challenge yourself right? So the Space Elves it is...or at least my version. First rule is----no vehicles! I've played Mechdar enough to hate it and be bored with I'm not going to return the favor :). So Footdar it is, certainly not original but I like the idea of it. Basically going to do Iyanden with some Harlies thrown in (Because I like the models and that's all that matters!). Here are my first goes;

Obviously bases aren't done....but I'm planning on using DragonForge designs "Lost Empires" as they befit Eldar. Slow project for sure but here is my plan;

FW Avatar
Farseer with Seer Council on bikes from Chapter House


Three units of Guardians x 10 with Lances/Spirit Seers


....and no fething grav tanks! Hope it works!


Muskie said...

When did Footdar consist of a whole bunch of troops on bikes? More like Bikedar...

AgeOfEgos said...

Hey Muskie,

Heh, well there will only be 5 models on bikes..the Seer Council + Farseer. The Guardians are just 10 man foot squads with the Bright Lance platform.

But yeah, 5 jetbikes. I thought about running EldraTar...still might...but the Chapter House kits are pretty nice.