Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time Spent Painting----armies vs. time vs. quality vs. kids vs. wife vs....

So in preparation for our Horus Heresy Campaign (Yes it's coming!)----I'm painting up some Orks for the Ullanor Campaign. I'm speeding through the Boyz pretty quickly----spending a bit more time on my Battle Wagon/Nobz---will spend a lot of time on my Bikers---which got me to thinking; When did I start painting like this?

To explain---I realized that I've pretty much created an internal formula for the amount of time spent painting a miniature. Unlike CMON artists, I lack the skill---and time (Some state 300+ hours on a miniature!) to make an Ork army to a very high standard. Sure, I could take my time and pop out some fantastic Orks (Humbly speaking)----but it would take about 5 years probably.

As you get older, you find yourself having more and more with less and less. Kids, wives, life, staying in shape, school, work, eating, bathroom breaks, kids----etc etc. Getting straight 'paint time' is so tough to find---you have to make concessions (at least I do). So there is my internal formula working away---basically telling my body how much motivation to have on a piece. I think it's something like;

How Cool the Sculpt Is + How Long It will Be on the Table + How Many Different Builds I Can Fit It in = Amount of time/motivation painting it.

So, using that formula----I can see why I spend hardly any time on Ork Boyz---but I hesitate on rushing through my Nob Bikers. My Custodes are similar---I can fit them in as Th/SS Terms, Grey Knights, etc---so I spent an inordinate amount of time on them.

Basically, I'm venting because I have too many projects....and not enough time...


sonsoftaurus said...

I hear ya. I have definite rules about diminishing returns. "I COULD make that look a teeny bit better, but it would take a long time...OK, it's done."

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