Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Games Workshop

Our little gaming group has decided to take a sabbatical from Warhammer and 40k. For the past couple of months we have devoted our hobby time to upstart Privateer Press. Just this past weekend I came to a startling revelation: I don't miss 40K!

I was shocked! 40K has consumed much of my life for the past six years. I didn't take up the hobby until my late 30's (Needed something to take my mind off of tobacco) and for the most part, my hobby time was devoted to 40k.

Like some of you, I have become disenchanted with Games Workshop due to their recent actions. The apparent disregard for their customers leaves me wanting to voice a protest in the most only way that I, as a consumer can, by withholding my dollars.

What does that mean? For the rest of the year I will not purchase any of their products, including Forge World. This is not easy as I am very close to completing my Dark Eldar force which I enjoy playing and I really want a Nightwing and some Haemonculi. Unfortunately Games Workshop will only change their practices if I and others vote with their dollars. Time to take a stand. Honestly I thought this would be difficult....

.....Until I started playing Warmachine....and loving it! I have over fifty points of Menoth painted and just placed an order for fifty points worth of Circle models. Sorry GW...I'll come back when you start thinking about customers first.



Roberto said...

Hi, i'm sorry if my post is OT (it doesn't talk about Warmachine) and i'm sorry about my english too (I'm not American or English, so i'm quite bad speaking and writing ;D).
I'm contacting you becouse i'd like to receive (if possible, of course) some painting advice but i didn't found any email of anything like this.
The painting advices i'd like to receive are about the AshAxe's Imperial Castellans.
How may i contact you? Via Email? Posting here? "I don't give a fuck so get out of my blog"? xD


AshAxe said...

No OT problems...

You can ask here and I will answer as best I can. What is it you want to know? Technique? Colors used?